Using Twitter to get C-Level Appointments a Case Study #Socialselling

Great blog on using social to sell via @timothy_hughes

Blog by @Timothy_Hughes

Using Social Media to get C-Level Appointments – A Case Study

Loews-Hotels-to-allow-booking-of-rooms-by-TwitterThis blog is about how a sales guy is using LinkedIn and Twitter to get C-Level Appointments.  People often say to me “Social Media is for teenagers, give me an example of where people are using Social Media to create, real, tangible, business.”  Here is that example.

Paul @snapdragon_paul contacted me over @Twitter, he lives close to me, so we agreed to have a coffee.  I was interested in his story on how he had saved £70,000 on recruitment fees by using Cloud and Social Media. We got talking, and Paul talked through his sales career (story was very similar to mine) and then talked about how he was using Social in his current sales role.

What hooked me, was when he told me he had made 10 C-Level appointments in a week!  This blog will now share with…

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